Automotive Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting in Melbourne

The specialists at Tint Melbourne are proud to offer professional automotive window tinting in Melbourne. We have access to the highest quality tinting equipment and employ the very best tinting methods to ensure a result you’ll be completely satisfied with. Whether you want extra solar protection or additional security, we can meet your needs with an automotive tint that’s unmatched by any of our competitors.

Our Automotive Tint Procedure

When you choose Tint Melbourne for vehicle window tinting, you can rest assured that we know exactly what we’re doing. With years of experience behind us, we’ve helped countless car owners to successfully tint their prized vehicles. Our specialists will first rinse the exterior surfaces of your car using high pressure water equipment to remove any contaminants that might interfere with the tint. We then make a template for each window and mask up all door trims to ensure optimal auto window tinting results. After the tint has been installed, we finish up by cleaning the car once more for your benefit.

The Benefits of Auto Window Tinting

Auto window tinting can drastically improve your comfort and safety while driving. Tinted windows reduce the brightness and harshness of sunlight, which means both drivers and passengers are less distracted by glare or affected by uncomfortable heat. Additionally, automotive tint can minimise fading and discoloration of upholstery, reduce exposure to harmful UV rays, enhance your sense of privacy, and deter burglars from breaking into your car.

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If you’re looking for professional automotive window tinting in Melbourne, speak to the team at Tint Melbourne today. Give us a call or enquire online and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have and provide you with an accurate quote.