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Sub Zero Solar Tinting for Cars

Sunlight can make driving an uncomfortable and potentially harmful experience. Glare can impede your vision and cause fatigue, while exposure to UV rays can cause skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. That’s not to mention the uncomfortable temperatures, fading and discoloration. Fortunately, the team at Tint Melbourne can provide sub zero solar tinting for cars to improve comfort levels and reduce the dangers of sun glare.

Our experts are highly trained and experienced, meaning we can get the job done properly and achieve your desired outcome whether you want a standard tint or a colored window tint. We employ an excellent tinting procedure that involves rinsing your car to remove elements that might cause interference. This is followed by making templates for each window and masking up all door trims to ensure the most successful tint application.

Reasons to Get Car Window Tint UV Protection

Our solar tinting for cars uses the latest nano-ceramic technology. This significantly improves the effectiveness of the tint when blocking heat and glare from sunlight. Car tint heat rejection helps keep occupants cool from the strong Australian sun, which is especially beneficial during the warmer months. Car window tint UV protection from Tint Melbourne also delivers an effective sun screen, diminishing the health risks posed by UV exposure. Furthermore, sub zero colored window tint reduces fading and extends the lifespan of your car’s seats, carpet and dashboard.

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Tint Melbourne is proud to be a leading provider of sub zero solar tinting for cars that provides car window tint UV protection and car tint heat rejection. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our available tints or find out what our tinting process involves.