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Professional Tinting in Melbourne

Are you affected by the glare and heat from sunlight while driving? Do you want additional protection for your car to dissuade burglars from breaking inside? At Tint Melbourne, we’re proud to offer professional tinting in Melbourne for windscreens and windows. Whether you want sub-zero tinting or anti-theft security films, you can rely on us to provide the best car tint in Melbourne. As one of the leading window tinting companies, we can also help you with residential and commercial property tinting.

Options Available as Part of Our Tint Service

Depending on your specific needs, Tint Melbourne offers multiple window tinting service options, including:

  • Naked – A visually clear tint that reduces glare and blocks the heat from sunlight, keeping occupants cool and safe from UV rays
  • Anti-Theft – A thick film that keeps shattered glass shards intact, making it harder for burglars to break inside and steal valuables
  • Sub Zero – Available in a wide range of shades that help maintain comfortable interior temperatures
  • Premium – The darkest legal car window tinting for maximum privacy without interfering with radios or handheld devices
  • Premium Plus – Blocks up to 70% of heat and 99% of UV rays, making it the best window tinting in Melbourne for ensuring comfortable temperatures
  • Our professional window tinting in Melbourne is also backed by lifetime warranties for peace of mind.

Why Choose Tint Melbourne for Window Tint Installation?

Tint Melbourne has earned a reputation as one of the best local window tinting companies. There are various reasons why you should choose us for window tint installation, some of which include:

  • Backed by 10 years + experience
  • Supported by reputable film companies
  • Widest range of options available for glass window tinting in Melbourne
  • The best window tint installation methods
  • Quick tint service turnaround time
  • Live demonstration tint testing facility
  • Strong after sales support

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Tint Melbourne is the number one choice for professional tinting in Melbourne, including quality car window tinting office window tinting and more. Contact us today to request a quote for glass tinting in Melbourne, or make a booking at your earliest convenience.

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